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Thanks to the folks at ClinchMedia for our awesome video!!

Our entry gates and garden gates offer the elegant appearance and character of wrought iron gate design. However, the construction materials of aluminum gates offer distinct advantages. An aluminum driveway gate will cost a good deal less and will weigh a fraction as much as wrought iron gates of equal proportions. This results in greater ease in installation and less structural support required. Add to that substantially reduced shipping costs and the maintenance free durability of aluminum gates. All of these advantages spell savings to you.

From the simplest of garden gates to our most extravagant driveway gates, all are hand crafted by skilled artisans in Tennessee/USA. Mass production merchandise simply cannot match the pure elegance of the hand work performed by our gifted craftsmen. Each of these aluminum gates is then coated with a tough and durable powder coating.

From galloping horses on our ranch gates to a hummingbird in flight on one of our fence gates, from the Great Blue Heron on our custom gates to the hibiscus flower on one of our most eye catching entrance gates, our creative artisans develop every detail by hand.

From the folding and bending of the leaves to the twisting and rolling of the vines - even the rugged texture of tree bark - all of the artwork on our gates is hand forged. This is a claim mass producers cannot make, and a look your friends and neighbors will admire.

Select one of our garden gates in standard size with one of our powder coat colors or we can custom size the gate for a minimal fee. Or choose one of our entry gates on display. If you are of a more creative nature we can work with you on your design and build a custom gate for you which is truly your very own. Contact us with your custom design for a FREE quote!

All of our gates are BUILT TO ORDER. PLEASE allow 6 to 8 weeks for construction and delivery of your garden gate -OR- 10 to 12 weeks for your driveway gate. Mounting hardware and installation instructions are included with each purchase.

All STANDARD SIZE garden gates include FREE SHIPPING if you are EAST of the Mississippi! ALL others require a SHIPPING QUOTE!!!

NOTE: Garden gates which are custom sized or designed may incur some shipping charges.

FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS!!!!!!! You devils---didn't send me the picture of the whole gate and what a surprise!!!! I loved the part I saw, and hoped that there was a hummingbird on the "other" side, but you outdid my wildest expectations!!!! You guys are such artists and I could not in my wildest imaginings have hoped for anything more beautiful. Thank you so very, very much. I know that all of you put a whole lot of "extra" into this gate for me, and I am on cloud nine! I have already started saving for my back courtyard opening for another "sculpture"! C. Wolf - Texas
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