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  1. Here at Ornamental Gateworks we truly appreciate return customers . . . 
    So today we feature a home in Memphis that has not one, not even two, but five of our Hanging Basket Gates.  This home features a beautiful white fence and a gorgeous landscaped yard.  Thanks to the McKnight family for sharing your pictures with us!

  2. From
    By David Beaulieu - Landscaping Expert

    Driveway gates can provide not only security to a landscape, but also stunning beauty – that much is obvious. But there's much about installing them that may be less obvious to homeowners. To address such issues, I recently conducted an email interview on the subject with professional landscape designer, Paul Corsetti. 

    For the full article . . .

  3. Find the full website page at Dave's Garden
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  4. By Sara Carpenter  -  c/o

  5. Houzz TV: 77 Gorgeous Garden Gates

    What lies behind a garden gate can be an enticing mystery, but sometimes the gate itself has a beauty all its own. This collection of garden gates covers the map — some provide sneak peaks at the lush landscapes behind them, while others hold on to their secrets, making them all the more enchanting. Watch the video or click on the first photo to get started (switch the green product tags on and off via the tag icon at the bottom of each photo’s page). Then tell us which garden gate you’d most like to take a stroll through.

    Read the full story >
  6. A great big thanks to the Bulba's for sharing their installation pictures and testimonial with us . . .

    We just LOVE our gate.  We had a note in our mailbox from a neighbor commenting
    on how beautiful it is.  It is just perfect.  I can't thank you and your team
    enough for capturing our vision so perfectly!      The Bulba's - Caddo Lake, TX
  7. Thanks so much JD of Florida for sending us your before and after pictures.

    Makes me long for that Florida sunshine!!!

  8. Woo . . . we get lots of compliments on our vine gate . . .
    M. Wagner, Sherrills Ford, NC
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    Use the help of top home decorators to select a matching nightstand and new lampshades for your own bedroom design.
    From wallpaper to stencils, upholstery fabric to room dividers, design doesn't stop at construction.
  10. Found this awesome YouTube and thought I would share . . .

    We are always looking for ways to enhance the garden and what better way than with a gate!  Enjoy!!
  11. Making a Good Gate Hinges on Practical Creativity!

    A Repost from the Seattle Times.  Written by Valerie Easton, a Seattle freelance writer.  Check out her blog at

    Both architectural feature and utilitarian element, gates can reveal or conceal, shut out the world or allow connection.

    GATES ARE the portals to our gardens. Push open a large, heavy gate, walk through and click it firmly closed behind you ... You've arrived.   Read more . . .
  12. This post is a reprint:

    Steel Driveway Gates Are Awesome

    Few things are as beautiful or as effective in protecting homes as steel driveway gates. There are a number of reasons why a steel driveway gate is the best choice. It is an effective deterrent, provides safety and security, controls parking on your property and is easy to maintain. Plus steel is a versatile metal which can be molded into a wide variety of designs. Installing steel driveway gates can also improve the way a home looks and add to its value. While steel gates may cost a little bit more, few if any other type of driveway gate offers so much.

    Steel driveway gates are an excellent deterrent. Generally made more than six feet tall, these driveway gates will give trespassers and burglars pause. Many burglaries are crimes of convenience. An unscrupulous person sees an easy opportunity to simply go onto someone’s property and take what is available. When this same person sees steel driveway gates protecting a property they quickly realize they will have to work hard to get in and out. This will make all but the most hardened and desperate person think twice before trying to enter.

    Steel gates are a great security measure. They are easy to install, difficult to get past and can be used in conjunction with other security measures. Only the most serious criminals have the tools to even attempt to get through steel gates. But cutting through them would take a long time. Steel driveway gates often have spikes or other hard to overcome designs at the top. These features also help to provide an additional level of security.

    Steel gates are also a safety feature which helps to protect the people inside the gates from making careless mistakes which can cause them to be injured. Children and the elderly are obvious beneficiaries. Children love to play with balls and bikes on the driveway. Steel gates keep them from accidentally running or riding into the street and getting injured. The steel gates also help make it difficult for disoriented elderly persons to simply wander off the property and become lost.

    The durability of steel driveway gates make them an excellent investment. Not only do they protect people’s privacy, these gates last for decades and are difficult to damage and easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with soap and water or quickly and inexpensively repainted to help them maintain their beauty.

    This post is from Network Steel, Brisbane’s trusted name in steel fabrication. Talk to them about your next project that requires steel.

    For those of you in the States and not in the Aussie area, let Ornamental Gateworks create a custom STEEL creation for you!!!

  13. Keep these tips in mind when trying to design your "own" gate . . .

    Tip #1 ~ Choose your metal!

    Steel is for strength and security. It is heavier and requires a stronger support system.
    It also requires a higher quality finish to attain a comparable level of durability to aluminum.

    Aluminum is lightweight and not as well suited for strength and security as is steel. It
    is lighter and thus easier to install. It is more durable within a heavy salt environment,
    such as near an ocean or around snow melting salt.

    Tip #2 ~ How will you use it?

    If you are looking for a security gate, steel is the choice. It is rugged, sturdy, and will
    hold in place against force and pressure to a greater degree than aluminum. But you do not have
    to sacrifice beauty for brawn!

    If you desire more intricate, three dimensional artwork such as flowers, leaves, trees, or
    wildlife, then aluminum is the way to go. Not that you won't see steel moulded into these things,
    but aluminum is much easier to work into fine detail.

    Tip #3 ~ Pick your style!

    The basic style is the foundation upon which you build!

    Whether you like Old World Style, Modern, Rustic, Classic, Seascape, Tropical, Asian, or
    an Eclectic combination, there are many styles to choose from.

    Tip #4 ~ Express YOURSELF!

    After you have chosen your metal, your usage, and your basic style, this step is when you make
    the gate truly your own!

    What is your passion? Your hobby? That one thing that makes you - YOU! Do you love sports - hunting,
    fishing, football, golf? Do you raise animals - dogs, cats, horses? Do you love to garden - flowers,
    vegetables, bonsai? Do you love the water - sailing, wakeboarding, shell collecting? Do you love
    music - play an instrument? The sky is the limit . . .

    After many years of custom gate building, we are continually amazed at the creative ideas spawned by our customers.  Take time to puruse our custom gallery for more ideas . . .
  14. Found this post online and had to share!  There was a time when wrought iron gates were like art and these truly are!!!  The size of these gates alone are astounding . . . and the thought of installing these monsters overwhelming!

    Half Pudding Half Sauce - 
    The Entrance Gates shown in above illustrations are of colossal proportions  and are considered by Architects to be the finest examples of hand forged iron in the United States.  Read more . . .
  15. Someone pointed this picture out to me the other day on Facebook . . .

    A fence created using all the old tractor wheels, etc. from the farm.  What a wonderful idea!!  I especially liked it because of that recent gate we did for Ely's Mill where they used several items of "stuff" that were hanging around the mill.  Gotta love the ingenuity!!!!!

    Stuff from Ely's Mill

    Snail Chase - actually on the gate!

    Kind of hard to see . . . but what others "goodies" can you spot on the gate that are in the above pics??
  16. Our latest creation at OrnamentalGateworksEtc was inspired by the folks from Ely's Mill in Gatlinburg, TN.  They wanted something that would "fit in" to their rustic setting of the mill and shop. 

    Be sure to check out their website!  If you need a quiet, peaceful place to stay with creekside ambience, Ely's Mill is sure to please!!!

    From the folks at Ely's Mill:
    "Just a quick note to say how much I and everyone else is enjoying the gates.! It 
    is an amazing creation and I am really feeling "honored and grateful" to be the 
    keeper of this gate. 
    I have been quite free at telling everyone the name of the business.  I bet one 
    out of every three cars stop and go look at the gates.  I am even having a 
    postcard made with a picture of it.  Hope you get some jobs out of it.
    And besides all that, it works great!  We have been moving bees into the field 
    and it is a delight to just open and close so easily.  The little gate is so 
    handy and fun.  I am enjoying the look from my shop position as well.  Looks 
    like it all belongs and many people have said the same thing.... it looks 
    Exactly the place I was trying to head for!"
  17. Thanks so much, Judi, for sharing your recent installation pictures of the Sunshine, waves, & starfish garden gate!
    What a beautiful setting!

    I especially love this one with the water in the background!

  18. Looking for some fresh landscaping ideas, be sure to check out Stella's Yard!  Here you will find inspiration, plans, and designs to make your garden or landscape more wonderful.  You might even find some vegetarian recipes or some garden gate ideas . . . Happy Hunting!!!

  19. Have you ever noticed how enticing a garden gate is?
    It is an anticipation of the pleasures in store,
    hinting at what lies beyond . . .  read more
    Article reposted from Ciao Domenica: Garden Gates
  20. Imagine my excitement today while browsing Pinterest to find one of our custom garden gates in application.  We have always thought it important to keep pictures of the aluminum gates we have created, but before the days of social media/marketing we didn't always see the necessity of having clients send us their ornamental gate applications.  Of course, these days it is a given!  Hope you enjoy . . .                                                       
        The original concept

       The creation

         With color

       In its place

    For more awesome pictures of the incredible rock work go to the Bass Lake project.

    Oh and here was the Pin . . .

    Source: Uploaded by user via Bob on Pinterest

  21. Take a moment to immerse yourself in this awe-inspiring scene . . .

    Recently installed at the estate entrance of one of our customers, this custom designed wetland scene complete with graceful herons, 3D turtles, and cattails, captures the imaginations of all passersby.  Conceptualized by the customer, designed and brought to life by our artisan craftsmen, this gate is a perfect example of a joint effort between the homeowner and our gatebuilders. 

    The finish on this gate is a work of art in itself.  First the gate was powdercoated black, then we brushed copper on the scenery.  Then to bring the gate to life, we rubbed a blue gilder's paste (patina) on the herons and a green gilder's paste (verdigris) on the turtles and greenery.  Voila!  A breathtaking gate that takes you there . . .
  22. Here is an example of a driveway gate with fence panels AND wonderful, matching lights.  Manufactured in  aluminum for a family in the Tennessee area.  Such beautiful work!!!

  23. Since I always seem to be behind in my spring cleaning . . . I am just now cleaning up my picture file for this year and found so many gates that needed to be displayed.  Check out our new Aluminum Custom Gallery of Garden Gate Designs.  I should be adding more to it over the next several weeks . . . ENJOY!

    Garden Gate Designs 1
    Garden Gate Designs 2
  24. Another high end steel gate!  What beautiful work!

  25. Calling ALL Ornamental Gateworks Customers!!
    Though it is only July here in TN, we are already thinking ahead to December and our company Christmas cards!  This year we would like to feature one of our own gates.  So, we are asking our customers to dig out their old photos and send us their best Christmas pictures of their decorated Ornamental gate
    ~~ Photoshopped photos and gates decorated in July are allowed :D ~~
    Be sure to send your photos as .jpg files to!  All submissions will be due August 15th and the winner will be decided by August 25th.  The winner will receive a $50 check or money order in their name to spend as they please. 
    Not a bad start to your Christmas shopping fund!!
    Let us hear from you!
    May the best PHOTO win!!!
  26. The latest from our steel manufacturer . . . beautiful scrollwork!